Bunka Fashion Bangkok : How to Clips

ผลงาน : ถ่ายทำและตัดต่อ วีดีโอ How to ให้กับ Bunka Fashion Bangkok ทั้งหมด 28 ตอน ประกอบด้วย

  1. 1 Couple T-Shirt
  2. Gathered Skirt
  3. Sketch drawing
  4. Fashion Posing Figure
  5. Rucksack Bag
  6. Men Suit
  7. การวาดผ้าพลีท
  8. How to coloring dress
  9. How to Halem pant
  10. easy bare top blouse
  11. D.I.Y. Clutch Bag
  12. How to make pattern magic skirt
  13. How to make pattern Blouse
  14. How to make easy Mini Dress
  15. How to make easy Japanese Cape
  16. How to draw & coloring face and hair
  17. How to make Pattern Magic Cocoon Dress
  18. How to make easy Hoodie Doggie Cloth
  19. D.I.Y. Visor Hat
  20. D.I.Y. My Own Necktie
  21. How to make easy One Shoulder Blouse
  22. How to make 2 in 1 Scarf
  23. Fashion Coloring Technique Tutorial Check Pattern
  24. How to make Easy Children Dress
  25. Fashion Coloring Technique Tutorial Ombre Effect
  26. DIY Remake T-Shirt
  27. Fashion Coloring Technique Tutorial Tie-Dyed Effect
  28. Fashion Coloring Technique Tutorial Sequins & Sparkle Effect

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